Pievienot jaunu lietotāja kontu

You can create multiple user accounts on your computer and give a user account to everyone who uses your computer. That way, you can make sure that your files remain private and every user will have their own home folder, documents, and custom settings.

You will need administrator privileges to add user accounts. The administrator is usually the person who first set up their account when the computer was first purchased and set up, although others may also have been given administrator privileges by that first user.

If you are the administrator, follow these steps to create more user accounts:

  1. Type "Settings" into the global search bar on your desktop. Click on the resulting Settings icon, or press Enter, to open.

  2. Click on Users.

  3. Spiediet pogu Atslēgt un ievadiet savu paroli.

  4. Spiediet + pogu zem kontu saraksta pa kreisi, lai pievienotu jaunu lietotāja kontu.

  5. Ja gribat, lai jaunajam lietotājam būtu administratīva pieeja datoram, izvēlēties Administratora konta tipu. Administratori var pievienot un dzēst lietotājus, instalēt programmatūru un draiverus, nomainīt datumu un laiku u.tml.

  6. Ievadiet jaunā lietotāja pilno vārdu. Automātiski tiks ieteikts atbilstošs lietotājvārds. Ja nepatīk piedāvātais lietotājvārds, varat to nomainīt.

  7. You can chose to set a password for the new user, or let them set it themselves on their first login. You can press on the generate password icon to automatically generate a random password.

  8. Spiediet Pievienot.

If you want to change the password after creating the account, select the account, Unlock the panel and press on the current password status.

In the Users panel, you can click the image next to the user's name to the right to set an image for the account. This image will be shown in the login window. Endless provides some stock photos you can use, or you can select your own or take a picture with your webcam.

You may want to create a "Guest" account so that friends or others who visit you can use it and you can rest assured that they will not mess up any of your preferernces, or delete files.