Use global search

The global search bar makes search easy! You can look for apps, documents, photos and more, right from your desktop. If you have an internet conection, you can even look for things that are on the internet, like you would on google, with the global search tool.

  1. From the desktop, click on the global search bar at the top of your screen that says "Search Google and more..." Start typing to search.

  2. 符合你輸入內容的結果會隨着輸入即時出現。第一個結果總是會反白,並顯示在頂端。

    Press Enter to choose the first highlighted result.

  3. 可能出現在搜尋結果中的項目包括:

    • 符合的應用程式,會顯示在搜尋結果的頂端、

    • matching settings, and

    • 符合的文件。

  4. In the search results, click on the item you want to open.

    另外,可以使用方向鍵來反白項目,再按下 Enter 鍵切換過去。