What can I do if I don't have internet?

Your computer comes with a lot of great offline content you can use even if you don't have an internet connection.

Introducing the App Center

The App Center is full of apps that are free and can be easily added to your desktop. Most of the apps you'll find there have offline capability and you can browse by category to find just what you're looking for, or else just click around and explore.

How to get to the App Center:

  1. Click on More Apps from the desktop.

  2. Click on a category like Learning, Games, and Utilities, to see the apps in each section.

  3. Click on an app to read more about it and either install it or add it to your desktop.

Here are a few examples of the offline content on your desktop and in the App Center:


  • Edu Games - Chess, puzzles, and many more games and activities to help children of all ages develop their mental abilities.

  • Tux Math - A fun way for kids to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and more.

  • Tux Typing - Learn how to type with this game that guides you and helps you practice so that you can type faster and more accurately.

  • Animals - Learn more about your favorite animals, and about animals you never even knew existed!


  • Tux Kart - Race against the computer or your friends. Get superpowers and avoid traps to finish first!

  • Potato Guy - Create a face and character for Mr. Potato Guy.

  • Numpty Physics - Draw objects and use the laws of physics to help you get to the next level.

  • X-Moto - Try to get your motorcycle up hills and around objects as fast as you can to complete each course.

  • Minetest - Avoid the areas that have mines buried beneath them so that you don't blow up. This strategy game is addictive.

  • Blockout2 - A tetris-like game where you need to match the colors as best you can before the screen fills up and you lose.


  • Notes - A handy app to help you jot down things you don't want to forget!

  • Video Editor - Film videos on your phone and edit them to create a masterpiece, or simply take already existing video clips and make them something of your own!

  • Photo Editor - Add filters and borders to your photos, crop them, and more, to make them even more awesome!

  • Audio Editor - Cut, mix and create great beats and songs that will have all of your friends dancing along with you.