Add apps and website shortcuts

The pre-installed apps on your desktop are just a few of the many apps available to you. Easily add more apps and websites shortcuts directly to your desktop.

Adding More Apps

  1. Click once on the plus button from the desktop.

  2. Browse by category and read each app's short description until you find one that you want to add to your desktop. All of the apps you see are free.

  3. Some apps are already downloaded to your computer and you can add them to your desktop by clicking Add to desktop.

  4. Other apps need to be installed and require an internet connection. Click Install to download and install these apps.

  5. When the app has been successfully added to your desktop, the green button will change to Launch and you can start using the app immediately!

    The app's icon will be installed on your desktop, to the left of the plus button. You can then move it wherever makes sense to you so you can find it easily.

Installing Website Shortcuts

  1. Right click on the desktop and select the Add Website option.

  2. Click on the Websites category on the left hand side if it is not already selected.

  3. Browse the website links that we have as suggestions by category. If you see one that you like, just scroll over it and click on the green plus button that will appear. This will add it directly to your desktop, to the left of the plus button.

  4. Add your own website links to pages that we don't already have by typing the website into the bar at the top and hitting the Enter key to search.

  5. Click on the plus button, and your link will be installed to the desktop. Add another website, or else close the App Center to find your new website shortcut. It will be directly to the left of the plus button.