How and when to use the right click

When using your mouse, you have the ability to left click and to right click. These buttons are on the top part of your mouse. Left clicking allows you select something, while right clicking brings up a menu with options for actions.

For example, if you right click on your desktop, you will see options to change your background, add an app, add a website or add a folder. You can then left click on a menu option to select it. You can right click on almost anything to see similar shortcuts and options.

If your mouse only has one button

If your mouse only has one button, you will need to change your settings to allow for you to use just one button. Here's how to change your settings:

  1. Type "Settings" into the global search bar on your desktop. Click on the resulting Settings icon, or press Enter, to open.

  2. Click on the Universal Access panel.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Click Assist.

  4. Turn the Simulated secondary click option on. There you can also adjust the amount of time you'll need to hold down the key to activate the right click.