कचरा पुसा & तात्पुरत्या फाइल्स

ट्रॅश आणि तात्पुर्ते फाइल्स नष्ट केल्याने अनावश्यक आणि विनावापर फाइल्स संगणातून काढून टाकले जातात, आणि हार्ड डिस्क अगाऊ जागा देखील मोकळे करते. स्वतः ट्रॅश आणि तातपुर्त्या फाइल्स नष्ट करणे शक्य आहे, परंतु ह्या संगणकाला असे करण्यास स्वयं सेट करता येते.

Temporary files are files created automatically by applications in the background. They can increase performance by providing a copy of data that was downloaded or computed.

Automatically empty your trash and clear temporary files

  1. Go to the Desktop and start typing File History & Trash.

  2. Click on File History & Trash to open the panel.

  3. Switch on one or both of Automatically Delete Trash Content or Automatically Delete Temporary Files.

  4. Set how often you would like your Trash and Temporary Files to be purged by changing the Automatically Delete Period value.

  5. Use the Empty Trash… or Delete Temporary Files… buttons to perform these actions immediately.

You can delete files immediately and permanently without using the Trash. See फाइल कायमची काढून टाका for information.