फाइल्ससाठी शोधा

You can search for files based on their name or file type directly within the file manager.


  1. Open the Files application from the Desktop.

  2. ठराविक फोल्डर अंतर्गत आवश्यक फाइल्स आढळल्यास, त्या फोल्डरकडे जा.

  3. Type a word or words that you know appear in the file name, and they will be shown in the search bar. For example, if you name all your invoices with the word “Invoice”, type invoice. Words are matched regardless of case.

    Instead of typing words directly to bring up the search bar, you can click the Search key symbol in the toolbar, or press Ctrl+F.

  4. You can narrow your results by date, by file type, and by whether to search a file's full text, or to only search for file names.

    To apply filters, select the drop-down menu button to the left of the file manager's Search key symbol icon, and choose from the available filters:

    • When: How far back do you want to search?

    • What: What is the type of item?

    • Should your search include a full-text search, or search only the file names?

  5. To remove a filter, select the X beside the filter tag that you want to remove.

  6. शोध परिणामपासून फाइल्स उघडा, प्रत बनवा, नष्ट करा, किंवा त्यावर कार्य करा, फाइल व्यवस्थापकामधील कोणत्याही फोल्डरपासून कार्य करणे नुरूप.

  7. Click the Search key symbol in the toolbar again to exit the search and return to the folder.