मॉनिटर निवडा

  1. Go to the Desktop and start typing Wacom Tablet.

  2. Click on Wacom Tablet to open the panel.

  3. Click the Tablet button in the header bar.

    If no tablet is detected, you’ll be asked to Please plug in or turn on your Wacom tablet. Click the Bluetooth Settings link to connect a wireless tablet.

  4. मॉनिटरशी जोडा… क्लिक करा

  5. एका मॉनिटरशी जोडा तपासा.

  6. निष्कर्षच्या बाजुला, तुमच्या ग्राफिक्स टॅबलेटला इनपुटसाठी इच्छित मॉनिटर निवडा.

    फक्त मांडणी करण्यासारखे मॉनिटरच निवडता येतील.

  7. Switch the Keep aspect ratio (letterbox) switch to on to match the drawing area of the tablet to the proportions of the monitor. This setting, also called force proportions, “letterboxes” the drawing area on a tablet to correspond more directly to a display. For example, a 4∶3 tablet would be mapped so that the drawing area would correspond to a widescreen display.

  8. बंद क्लिक करा.