Путешествие по Интернету

  1. Your computer comes with a pre-installed Internet app icon on your desktop. You can browse the internet by clicking on this desktop icon once.

  2. You can also open this app by moving your mouse pointer to the Internet orange globe icon at the bottom left of the screen and clicking once.

  3. Click the address bar at the top of the browser window. Start typing!

  4. You do not need to remember the exact address if you have already visited the website because it will be stored in your history and/or bookmarks.

    If the website is found in the history or bookmarks, you will see a drop-down list appear below the address bar.

  5. Select the website you are looking for using the arrow keys.

  6. После того, как вы выберете веб-сайт, нажмите Enter, чтобы его открыть.

You can search the internet directly from your desktop by using the global search bar feature. First, type what you are looking for directly into the search bar on your desktop. You will be shown the top results that are already on your Endless computer, and it will also ask if you want to search the internet. Click on the option to search the internet.