Create an email address

Having an email address is very important since it is becoming more and more popular as an everyday communication tool, and you cannot access a lot of online services without one.

There are a few major email providers, and if you want to set up an account with one of them, you will need to read their instructions. Below, you will find a list of some of the most popular providers of free email accounts. Try searching for them and you will find instructions on how to Sign Up!

Popular email providers

Tips and internet security

  • Make sure you remember your password but also make it hard for others to guess. It may be a good idea to write it down and keep it somewhere secure in case you ever forget.

  • If someone you don't know writes you and asks you for money, or tells you that you have won something, be skeptical. There are many scams out there that have cost good people a lot of money.

  • Try not to open emails sent from people you don't know since they may contain viruses. Just delete them without opening them.

  • Remember to log out of your email account if you share your computer with others; otherwise, they will be able to read all of your email and use your account.