Edit and share my photos

Do you like editing photos? The Photo Editor app makes it easier than ever to make fun photos and share them with your friends and family through Facebook!

To edit your photos:

  1. Click on the Photo Editor icon from your desktop.

  2. Click Open Image. This will launch the Pictures folder on your computer.

  3. Choose an image to edit. You can choose a sample image or one that you have added to your computer.

    To look at the sample images on your computer, double click on the Samples folder. Scroll through the images and see a small version of them on the right hand side of the window. When you find an image you want to edit, click OK or press Enter.

  4. Edit your photo! You can crop your image to make it the right size, add filters to make it beautiful, funny or cool, and add frames to finish it up! When you are finished you can share your creation on Facebook.

To share your photos on Facebook:

  1. Click on the Facebook button.

  2. Write a description of your photo, or a message that you want your friends to see.

  3. If you are not already logged onto Facebook, you will need to login. Facebook will guide you to do so and you will need to allow Endless Social to post on your wall. We will not post anything that you do not authorize.

  4. If you are already logged into Facebook, your photo will automatically post with the description you wrote.

  5. A notification will appear when your image has successfully posted to Facebook.