Turn on bounce keys

Turn on bounce keys to ignore key presses that are rapidly repeated. For example, if you have hand tremors which cause you to press a key multiple times when you only want to press it once, you should turn on bounce keys.

  1. Type "Settings" into the global search bar on your desktop. Click on the resulting Settings icon, or press Enter, to open.

  2. Click on Universal Access.

  3. Press Typing Assist (AccessX) in the Typing section.

  4. Switch Bounce Keys to On.

Quickly turn bounce keys on and off

You can turn bounce keys on and off by clicking the accessibility icon on the task bar at the bottom of your screen and selecting Bounce Keys. The accessibility icon is visible when one or more settings have been enabled from the Universal Access panel.

Use the Acceptance delay slider to change how long bounce keys waits before it registers another key press after you pressed the key for the first time. Select Beep when a key is rejected if you want the computer to make a sound each time it ignores a key press because it happened too soon after the previous key press.